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Mechatronic Cylinders

Posted on 2018-08-16
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Securefast Mechatronic cylinders are designed for ease of use and installation. The cylinders are available with full IP67 rating, making them ideal for both internal and external applications

Securefast Mechatronic cylinders are designed for all areas in commercial, educational and hospital environment. The cylinder has been tested on a 30-minute timber fire door and is the perfect solution for multi-point locks where access control is required.

The cylinder is programmed by way of a shadow card system, where you can program the cards in with the program card and delete cards with the shadow card provided. The lock is powered by a CR2 battery which is available from all leading stores or direct from Securefast. The battery life is for 60,000 operations or 5 years on standby.

Features & Benefits
• Available as a Euro Profile single reader, double reader and a readder & turn
• Available as a Scandinavian Oval single reader
• Waterproof (IP67 Rated)
• Anti-Drill & Anti Snap
• Smart Sleep Mode
• Firmware Upgradable

• Acoustic Low Power Warning
• Stainless steel bar for anti-snapping
• Module design for thicker doors with 5mm increment spacers on internal doors

AL900 Range of Electric Releases

Posted on 2018-08-06
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The AL900 series electric releases are an ANSI style door release, complete with stainless steel short or long faceplates for use in metal or timber door applications. The electric release is designed to work with all leading brand deadlocking night latch locks. When an electrical current is applied the release, either opens (Fail Safe) or locks into position (Fail Secure). The releases also have two forms of monitoring, latch (AL900M) or latch with door position versions available (AL900DM).

The electric releases whilst on site can be converted to fail safe or fail secure mode by the simple removal of a screw. The electric releases can also be set 12V or 24V by simply connecting the wires in a different order.

Features & Benefits
• Simple Fail Safe/Fail Secure
• Weather Resistant
• Easy Installation
• 12/24V AC/DC on Site Settable
• AC Fail Safe only & DC Fail Safe/Fail Secure
Long and short faceplates are provided
• Easy replacement for all leading brand ANSI electric releases
• Supplied with 300mm of cable
• 25 and 50mm extension lips available

New Architectural Touch Sensitive Exit Buttons

Posted on 2018-06-29
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A range of Architectural Touch Sensitive Exit Buttons with a back box for surface mounting.

The exit buttons are available in black or ivory white with a blue LED standby lighting that
changes to green when the sensor is activated by the hand or finger.

Designed to compliment current access control readers, the buttons are available
as a standard gang size 86mm square or mullion style 56mm wide for fixing to a narrow door style or in a restricted space.

Features & Benefits

• Blue LED – Standby mode
• Green LED – Activated mode
• Output – NO/NC/COM
• Touch sensitive
• Complete with B

Security Cylinder & Escutcheon to TS007:2014

Posted on 2016-07-22
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 Securefast 1 star euro profile security cylinders and 2 star escutcheons, prove a 3 star package which conforms to the DHF's TS 007 standard.

The 1 star rating on the security cylinder offers protection from drilling, picking, bumping and plug extraction.

The 2 star rated escutcheon offers anti - snap protection, and prevents easy access to the cylinder. the escutcheon is hardened to give extra drilling protection and has a window for the key which will spin if drilling is attempted.

The cylinders are available in various sizes and suitable for all euro profile lockcases.

1 Star Security Cylinder

•   Tested to: BS1303:2005
•   Classification Code 1 6 0 0 0 C 5 2
•   BS3621 Classes A5 and A6
•   Test Report Number: KM621947

2 Star  Security Escutcheon

•   Tested to: TS007:2014 + AL:2015
•   EN1906 Classification Code 1 6 - - - 3 - -
•   Test Report Number: WIL355693 Dated 01/10/15

Adjustable Bracket for Deedlock Standard / Slimline Magnet

Posted on 2015-03-05

The Adjustable bracket has been designed to alleviate all the traditional problems allowing infinite adjustment and positioning of the Electro Magnetic lock so that it meets the armature perfectly and with minimal effort.

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•   Easy and quick to fit

•   Simple to adjust magnet position

•   No fixings required into the underside of the transom

•   Includes a cavity and cut out to make cabling easier

•   Comes completely assembled

•   Anti-tilt

•   The adjustable plate can be moved in or out by 37mm

•    It also allows for ± 3 degrees movement on this plate in case the door is not straight in the frame

•    Larger adjustable plates are available if required

•    ADGI-1 available for AEM10001 Slimline Magnet

•   ADGI-2 available for AEM10010 Standard Magnet


Securefast Intumescent Kits - SIN300 / SIN1090

Posted on 2014-06-05
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Securefast Intumescent Kits - SIN300 - 300 Series Mechanical Digital Lock / SIN1090 - SEU1090 Series Lock Cases

Securefast Intumescent Kits for Ironmongery are essential to fire doors creating additional protection to the doors overall performance.

All door furniture must be fitted in a way which ensures the fire resisting properties of a door aren’t compromised.

Securefast Intumescent kits are a quicker, easier, cleaner and more accurate solution designed for usage with SBL300 Series Mechanical Digital Lock Range and SEU1090 Lock Case Series. Used for protection on fire assembly doors which will enhance the door’s fire protection performance. 

•   Intumescent kits expand to 5 – 10 times their original size sealing the gaps around the ironmongery and the door

•   Intumescent material is sodium silicate based which has been proven in many hundreds of fire tests world-wide

•   Intumescent material is activated at temperature of between 100 - 150°c

•   Intumescent kits have a self-adhesive backing easy to apply with a strong adhesion

•   Intumescent kit proved fire resistance for up to 60 minutes when fitted to full size door assemblies

•   Tested in accordance with BS EN 1363: PT 1: 1999

Electrical Latch Retraction Touch Bar - SED403-ELR-SC

Posted on 2014-06-04

Electrical Latch Retraction Touch Bar - SED403-ELR-SC

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The Electrical Latch Retraction Touch Bar links panic hardware with access control and is ideal for controlling entry into a building whilst maintaining an easy escape.

Available with a single latch, two point vertical Pullman catches or three point horizontal latches in a standard Silver or Satin Chrome finish making the range ideal for almost any final exit door.

To compliment the range a complete Access Control package is available containing the APX16 IP68 rated Key Pad, a 1 amp PSU and concealed door loop.

The APX16 Keypad for access from the outside of the door is IP68 rated which means it can be installed in the most extreme of environments as the wiring has total protection against the ingress of dust and the unit is protected against long periods of immersion under pressure.

The strong Zinc Alloy Electroplated case also offers a reasonable amount of protection against vandalism.

•   Tested and certified to EN1125    (Classification Code 3-7-7-B-1-4-2-2-B-A)

•   Fire tested to EN1634-1

•   Available with a micro-switch contained in the operating mechanism

•   Available with hold-back facility

•   Operates on 12 – 30v dc  12 – 20v ac with 1 amp PSU

•   Standard size touch bar is 840mm which is suitable for doors up to 860mm wide. Additional wide units 1170mm and 1300mm are available on request

•   Strikers are available for PVC-U, Aluminium and Steel Doors

•   Manual Outside Access Device fitted with a Euro Single Cylinder can be used as an alternative to the Electrical Keypad

PINGuard Weather Shield - SPG-365

Posted on 2014-06-05
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PINGuard Weather Shield - SPG-365

PINGuard Weather Shield is a robust and flexible solution to PIN theft. Providing not only PIN protection but also Weather Shield Protection.

The SPG-365 PINGuard Weather Shield gives protection behind the digital lock with an improved gasket to the standard gasket seal supplied with the SBL365 Mechanical Push Button Easy Code Digital Lock.

•    Fits the SBL365 range

•    PIN protection and Weather Shield protection

•    Gives approximately 90% more protection from rain exposure

•    Securefast Branded

•    Protection behind the digital lock with an improved gasket to the standard gasket seal supplied with the SBL365

•    Improved seal around Digital Lock to give improved protection

•    Fits in seconds

•    No Tools required

•    Completely removable leaving no damage and giving a professional way of providing a safe and respectful environment for the customer

Electric Escape Sash Lock - ASEL2460

Posted on 2014-04-01

Electric Escape Sash Lock - ASEL2460 

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The Securefast Electric Escape Sash Lock offers a choice of functions in a single lockcase, allowing for ease of specification, installation and operation.

The high quality British made Electric lock provides the ideal security solution for all entrance doors, corridor doors, high traffic exit doors and access controlled doors.

•   Non-handed

•   Lock case 60mm back set, 72mm lock centres

•   Inside handle operation withdraws latch and deadbolts with a single action and overrides all other applications on the escape sashlock

•   Outside handle operation is blocked when deadbolt is thrown to maintain engagement of the latch bolt and prevent application of a side load to the deadbolt

•   Deadbolt is automatically thrown 3 seconds after the door is fully closed or if the door is unlocked but has not been opened

•   The deadbolt is fully withdrawn before the latch bolt disengages from the striker to ensure that no side loading is applied to the deadbolt

•   8mm Stainlesss Steel follower

•   12v 1A DC operation, the coil is pulsed to control temperature

Sliplock Cable Restrictor - SBC400/WE

Posted on 2014-04-01

Sliplock™ Cable Restrictor - SBC400/WE

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Securefast unobstructive Sliplock™ Cable Restrictor is designed for safety, and to reduce the risk of falling out of a window. It can be fitted to doors to deter forced access from unwanted visitors.

The Sliplock™ cable window restrictor is suitable for the home, public properties and commercial applications. Perfect for buildings such as care homes, hotels, nurseries, schools, universities and hospitals.

•   Sliplock™ is a trademark of Securefast

•   Cable restrictor is a metal cable securely fixed between two robust metal units

•   Restrictor locks by sliding the detachable unit over a back plate fixed to the window opening

•   Frame unit is fixed securely to the frame giving restriction by length of cable and positioning on the frame

•   Features a dedicated key to release the locking case

•   Casing slides off the back plate once unlocked to allow full access to the window when needed for maintenance

•   Classified as child safety restrictor due to limited opening

•   Option of key or push button operation


Security Door Chain with External Release - SBC223/WE/C

Posted on 2014-06-05

Security Door Chain with External Release - SBC223/WE/C

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The Security Door Chain acts like any other door chain – except when you want to gain access from outside or when there’s an emergency requiring immediate entry.

A completely unique style of door chain, that can be fitted in the same position on a door as a conventional chain. The internal chain body engages with a standard rim cylinder on the outside of the door, thus enabling the chain to be disengaged with a key from the outside in an emergency. Where night latches are fitted, the same key could be used to operate both the door chain and night latch.

•   Modern alternative to door safety chain

•   Simple push in chain engagement

•   Easy push button internal release

•   External key release

•   Sleeved chain option available

•   Keyed alike or master keyed

•   High security fixings available

•   Chain length 100mm, with other lengths available on request

•   Can be keyed alike with night latches